In Which I Take Pity on My Readers…

Breath the fresh air my friends. There will be no eco dyed papers in this post.

(There IS a God!)

Now, now… let’s not get dramatic.

(Look who’s talking. You are the queen of hyperbole.)

Never mind about that. I have a confession to make.

I have been seduced by Instagram. I admit it. It is so blasted easy to slap photos on there of my latest project, with very little explanation or comment really, that I have neglected the longer form communication here. For that I am sorry. And for the record, this is so much more satisfying and intimate. It’s just that I have experienced a bit of a tsunami of creative inspiration lately and am a little bit giddy and a whole lot distracted. It took me a while to settle down so I could write this post!

So here are some of the things I have been learning in the watercolor department of my hobbyset. ..

This is a little mandala using masking fluid:

This was crazy fun to do.

Then I watched a tutorial by Emma Lefebvre on You Tube. She was teaching something she called X-ray flowers. I had to try that!

Then something wonderful happened….

Are you kidding me?

I thought, I might not paint anything the rest of my life, but X-ray flowers. But then I saw someone called creationceecee on the Tube of You and ended up learning this technique:

Now all I want to do is paint four or five dozen of these things instead. No wait, in addition to the X-ray flowers… or rocks if you prefer:


Here’s the last thing that dripped off my brush about half an hour ago:

I am so grateful for artists who take the time and effort to put tutorials on the internet. I am forever in their debt.