Puddle Update

Just here tonight documenting the puddle project.

I realized I needed some kind of retaining structure for the north side of the rocks to create a place for the plants on that side. I’m trying not to spend a lot of money on this harebrained scheme so I searched the property for possible materials. I found an old fence post out in the field beyond the barn plus some good rocks to use as time goes on.

I still have to add potting soil to the beds. But this is a start.

It’s not exactly beautiful, but it’s functional. . . . and cheap!

Check out this odd rock I found by the barn:

It has a perfectly round white area in the middle. I have NO idea how such a thing can happen geologically speaking. I’m going to ask S. to come and take a look and give me an opinion. She is a rock hound and knows things. 🙂

One last angle:

I’m still waffling on the actual tub for the puddle. It won’t be long though I hope till I get it in the ground. This whole idea wasn’t anywhere in my consciousness until just recently. I’m used to thinking things over for a fairly long time before I commit to them. This endeavor seems to have a mind of its own. I’m just taking orders so to speak. Too bad I can’t get on the payroll.