‘Tis the Season

I realize there hasn’t been much on here lately but eco dyed papers and watercolors, but it’s the height of the growing season and I feel compelled to use as many of my flowers and plants as possible, because when it’s over it’s OVER for eco dying.

So here are a few papers from yesterday’s batch:

The reverse side:

I planted a rather exotic variety of snapdragon this year, it’s supposed to be red and white, but mine are more of a deep orange. They produced these deep orange prints with tentacles. They look like sea creatures!

Close up:

The ever impressive black walnut:

These green blossoms are actually deep pink poppies. Another unusual flower in the garden this year…

And finally, I page full of lilac leaves with yellow snapdragons. Well, they WERE yellow to begin with.

I am holding my breath over this tiny little surviving Butterfly Pea plant that I got so worried about, that I moved it to another spot in the garden. It HAS put on several new leaves and if I am lucky, it might produce a bloom or two. I try not to think about it too much, because of all the things I planted this year, I had the highest hopes for this one as a good dye plant.

Here’s a picture from the Google:

My plant still looks like a seedling actually, so this lush plant is just mocking my efforts at it’s propagation. At this point, one flower would be enough for the experiment. If it does what I hope, maybe next year I will have better luck in growing it.