Finding the Will to Dye

Feeling rather glum today.

The heat is getting to me. It saps my limited energies in my golden years. Times like this the outdoors is just as hostile to me as when there is a foot of snow on the ground.

However, the hoped for second dye pot of the week actually happened. I’m not sure how with my inner summer wilt in full force. Well, to be honest, there was one little encouraging boost that got me out early one morning. I finally tried a whole bundle using only Tomoe River. The very thin Japanese paper is extremely fine grained and it has a coating on it that for its normal use resists feathering when you use a fountain pen. It is a much admired paper for that reason. It also has the potential to make some of the most crisp images for my purposes.

The packet of paper I have is cream colored, which is not ideal for dying. After this batch I decided I really wanted to try their white paper and ordered some on Amazon.

For now, here are a few representatives:

This next one has three rose pink California Poppy type flowers. They turned this lovely green!

The Morning Glories and Coreopsis are in their hay day right now, so I’m using them a lot.

The thing about this paper is that it won’t hold up to any rough or lumpy plants, so I had to be judicious in what I put on them.

So it was mostly blossoms and a few flat or soft greens. It was fun to experiment, and I will be doing another one as soon as my white paper arrives!

Heat or no heat.