The Tui in the Hen House

Not long ago, when I was still in the middle of the Hen’s Rest project, our very own Futurecat from Dear Diary, hit 100 subscribers on her You Tube channel. She decided to do a giveaway of a quilted wall hanging that she would design herself.

Lo and behold, my name came out of the hat! What a treat!

I already have some of her work from several years ago that sits on my kitchen table. I see it every day.

She actually made a video of the making of the quilt and put it on her channel! It was so much fun watching her choose the fabrics and creating the design! She lives in New Zealand and had some fabric with a native bird called a Tui. I had never heard of it before. Here’s a photo:

Isn’t it beautiful? It has a little white ‘cravat’ that moves when it sings!

Anyway, here is her video. Very much worth watching!

Well, the wall hanging arrived on Friday and today I tramped over across the ice pond and found a Manzanita branch to hang it on.

Some of you with an eagle eye will notice the little settee is no longer in the hen house. I tried it out for a day and realized that though it fit so beautifully and went so well with the rest of the decor, alas it was not at all comfortable. So I have my patio rocker covered with the wonderful quilt now and am VERY happy with how cozy it and comfy it is.

Here’s a closer look:

I just love it to bits! So colorful and cheerful and a perfect compliment to the theme of my little retreat.

Thank you SO much Futercat! It will be a treasured item in my home not far from home. 🙂


  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    What a lovely gift! It looks perfect in your retreat. I love Batik anyway, but the hearts set it off perfectly.

    I’m happy for you!

  2. Perfect!!

  3. Oh, that branch is so perfect for it!

    Tūī are gorgeous birds – the early European settlers called them “Parson birds” because their white feather tuft looked so much like a parson’s white cravat 🙂 Their song is beautiful too, and very distinctive

  4. Tara Strasser says:

    It\’s gorgeous!

  5. Just what the Hen’s Rest needed!
    It is beautiful!!

  6. It is so cute and beautifully made!
    I watched her video and felt inspired.
    Congrats on the win.

  7. supercalifragilistic says:

    As the daughter of a quilter, my heart overflows whenever a quilt finds it way to an appreciative owner!

  8. ermabclone says:

    Lovely! I like the 3 hearts mirror the cupboard door hearts. Perfect

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