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The Universe Has a Sense of Humor

For the last couple of weeks S. and her two daughters have been getting ready for a big yard sale. They said I could join in. As soon as I finished Hen’s Rest as far as I could while waiting for my chair to appear, I dove into my cupboards and drawers and nooks and crannies and began collecting things to sell.

This precipitated a LOT of cleaning and soul searching and furniture moving.

Enough moving of furniture to make something possible that I had given up on entirely.

About a month ago I saw a small desk at the local consignment store that I was instantly attached to. I just loved it. I even asked the owner to hold it for me for a day so I could go home and do some measuring. Alas, at that time, no matter how I used the tape, it wasn’t going to fit anywhere. And truly, I didn’t NEED it. I just wanted it.

But I sorta got over it and was so busy with my hen house remodel that it faded into the background….. until the other evening when I was sitting here in my room and thought… ‘You know, if I was willing to let this side table go, and moved this thing and that other thing, there would be room for it.’ I decided that if the desk was still at the shop I would buy it. If it was there, it belonged to me, if it had been sold, then it was meant to be with someone else.

Mom and I drove over there Monday morning bright an early.

It was there. And I still loved it. So we popped it into the back of Suzie Cube and drove it home.

After some minor repairs and a good dose of lemon oil, I put it in its new place by me…


I was still wondering about my chair for the H.R.

Turns out Mr. P also is joining in the yard sale, and one day he filled the back of his pickup with things he wanted to take down.

I spied something sitting on the tailgate and thought to myself… ‘Could it really be that simple?’

I wasn’t at all sure if I wanted it. The seat is pretty flat and tired and I was hoping for something cushy. So I decided to wait a few days and think about it.

That is until I popped into the second hand store this morning.

And there…. in the corner… among the racks of quilts and blankets, in all its amazing glory, was the VERY thing I needed! I could not believe my eyes to tell you the truth. I couldn’t have ORDERED anything more to my liking. It was in perfect condition too. And I knew what I needed to do.

With A’s help, we brought it back up from the yard sale pile. I gave it a rigorous cleaning and carried it into Hen’s Rest.

Here is the settee:

And here is the beautiful tapestry quilt to give it a little more ‘cush’ for my tush.

I may have to put that little table somewhere else and put a shelf up for the lamp, but I’m willing to do that. And as a matter of fact, I may sell the lamp in the yard sale now that I think about it!

Anyway, that’s how the Universe runs around here. Surprises and gifts everywhere you look.

Hen’s Rest is complete.

And now *I* can rest too….