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Hen’s Rest Reveal

At long last… twenty eight days after Esmerelda’s passing, the transformation of the chicken coop is complete with one exception. I still have not found the small upholstered chair I am looking for. Though I am actually looking forward to how that is going to play out. It’s a little game of hide and seek that I’m playing with the universe.

I have to tell the truth. This was not easy. It was really hard, hot, and sweaty work. My carpentry skills are rudimentary at best, but I found out they were adequate for something as rustic as a former chicken house. 🙂

Here we go:

The view from the doorway.

This is an electric heater that looks like a wood stove and has fake wood inside and lights and reflectors that make it look like a real fire. I have no idea how well it will work in the winter but I wanted to give it a try. I have blocked up as many of the big drafty places as I can. It will never be completely sealed nor insulated place. I am willing to accept the marginal nature of that aspect of the project.

Here we are just to the left of the stove. That is one of my patio chairs that is the stand in at the moment. It works pretty well all in all. I painted that lampshade. It used to be a muddy mustard color. Spray paint is a wonderful thing don’t you think?

The little wooden chair with the cushion is for sitting at the desk that has been in our family for decades. It fits perfectly under the window:

For those of you who have been reading for a coon’s age, this is ‘The Little Desk in the Closet’ that I used to write from back in the Bogwillow days.

Above it is one of my favorite things that I found at a second hand store and instantly knew where I would put it!

Every room needs a clock.

Here is my eclectic wall of cupboards and shelves:

And my little ‘kitchen’:

At a certain point I realized I needed electricity, and the idea of making a cup of tea became and obsession. I spent hours on Amazon until I finally found a teakettle small enough for my purposes. It makes hot water in just a couple of minutes. I have yet to make my first cup out there. It being 103 degrees today sort of takes the fun out of a steaming cup of tea don’t you know….

Once the ‘wood stove’ was installed, I developed a powerful desire for a mantel.

I chose some interesting hardware to hang it:

I found this board at the lumber yard in the odds and ends pile. The other part of it had a big hole in it so they gave me a discount. But I had a use for it:

It fits in with the rustic ambiance don’t you think? Those cracks in the boards below it, I sealed with silicone sealer. The East side of the building has taken the brunt of the weathering.

There are little nooks and crannies everywhere to put things that I enjoy looking at. This is a tribute to this building’s original purpose:

And this is the view I have while sitting in my chair. On that bottom shelf is a small basket with watercolor supplies in case the desire to paint arises. And there’s a copy of Walden on the shelf, which seemed appropriate. And Dune, which I intend to read only out here. There’s a brand new journal in the little desk that I have promised myself to only fill with fanciful tales having nothing to do with daily life.

I’m looking forward to spending time out there on a rainy day. I hope I don’t have to wait TOO long for that day to come. We need rain so desperately.

Yesterday, I invited K. who built this chicken coop to see what I had done with it and why. His whole family came. He was SO amazed and happy to see how it is being used and what I had done! And to know how well it was holding up all in all. It gave me such pleasure to share it with them.

I have never worked so hard and so diligently on anything in my life. It makes the rest that I enjoy in it particularly sweet.

Thank you for coming along with me on this little adventure. . . to have shared it with you adds to my joy.