Archives for July 6, 2020

Truce With The Quadrupeds

I have reached an uncomfortable truce with the deer and the ‘pond’.

I planted various and sundry things around and about after doing as much research as I could on ‘deer resistant’ plants. I decided to fence the whole area with some dog pen fencing I had laying around. A few of the deer learned how to hop over it and have a snack anyway.

So the other day I decided wasn’t willing to keep the defective eyesore up any longer and just took it down.

They are now chewing freely on spearmint, peppermint, yarrow, lantana, bee balm, and marigolds. All plants they aren’t supposed to like at all. Though they aren’t KILLING those things just yet. The only plants that are being left alone are the Lavender and the Mexican Feathergrass. So that will be what I will focus on. I have lots of new grass plants that reseeded from the ones in and by the garden. And Lavender is easy to grow.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like now….

I know… that pipe looks pretty jakey. I haven’t found anything more quaint to put there yet. But I’m always on the lookout. It performs its function, but not very elegantly. I think I WILL paint it black however. I have some spray paint in the cupboard. I’ll put that on the to do list.

But even with deer depredation and a few false starts, it certainly is a lot nicer than before:

I’ll focus on that for now….