Art Slices

Today I ran across a watercolor video that looked so easy, that I was willing to give it a try.

It’s by someone on YouTube called Creationsceecee.

Turns out I’m not so good at ‘doodling’. But I pressed on through and was happy with the final results.

People make things look simple in videos, but really, we are watching them work with a technique [no matter how rudimentary] that they have perfected. So we are always comparing our first try to their 25th! That’s giving great mock fodder to our inner critic. I have him in a box right now so he can’t harsh my mellow.

Anyway, here was the process:

Whack into bookmarks.

The main thing is…. I had fun.

I needed fun.

Mission accomplished. 🙂


  1. Tara Strasser says:

    Wow! I love this! Gorgeous use of color!

  2. Carol Bates says:

    Lots a fun, for you and us!

  3. Cheryl Taylor says:

    They really turned out great!


  4. FutureCat says:

    Those are gorgeous! I think you’re very talented at doodling!

  5. Linda Cannon says:

    These are marvelous. You made it all work!

  6. Mamallama says:

    Love the colors and doodles!

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