I just saw this today and it articulates so many aspects of our situation so brilliantly, I had to share.

And it is a source of great comfort to me that Mike is having trouble concentrating too. We are in good company then aren’t we?


  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    I have noticed a marked loss of concentration too, but I don’t know if the Covid situation is fully to blame or if it is combined with some of my own personal issues going on at the moment. Either way…it’s real.

    This is day 53 of our lock down in CA. Though it’s for a good cause, that’s a long time for people who aren’t complete introverts to be confined like this. Your County is less risky than most here in CA.

  2. Mamallama says:


  3. I really don’t get this conversation. It’s almost as if they are suggesting that “govt” is calling the shots for how we behave, when in reality it is the virus and all the information we just don’t have yet about it that is dictating how cities and states react and implement safety guards such as social distancing and wearing face masks. Also, folks want to take risks but they have to remember that others may suffer the consequences. A driver speeding puts everyone on the road at risk. Fine if this driver is unconcerned about getting hurt, but it is not fine that he/she puts others at risk. This “risk” also puts a great stress on medical professionals and resources. There are consequences for those who feel entitled to take risks when it comes to safety and well being of everyone else.

    • Yetzirah says:

      I see your point if the place you are living is having a heavy outbreak. In my county, (which is a huge one) there have been 0 deaths. 5 recovered cases that did not require hospitalization. The one size fits all approach makes no sense. The definition of safety and well being needs to also include people’s ability to work and pay their bills and take care of their families.

  4. Very interesting to watch. I feel like I learned a new perspective. Thank you.

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