Optional Temporal Units

I am not gonna lie. I have lost track of time.

There’s a vague sounding voice in my head that keeps saying……. ‘Time be like…. optional.’

I rarely know what day it is.

And my calendar is pretty much empty. Which doesn’t help at all.

I did something I hardly ever allow myself to do the other day…. I binged watched three seasons of “The Good Place” on Netflix. I only stopped to eat and go outside briefly to orient myself to the actual time of day and take note of the weather. It was a very weird day. Watching a weird show.

I have been puttering in the garden. Planting seeds and transplanting flowers that I bought at the nursery.

My grass is coming up:

Those things that look like weeds are violas. I couldn’t make myself dig them up. There are so many because a RAFT of them went to seed last year. I mean if you are going to have weeds, they might as well be violas right? They will eventually get mowed, which will be weird. But I bet it doesn’t kill them. And I don’t care. My aim is to have a green area here, not a proper lawn. Just green. For the coolness factor in the garden.

Also, some very good news.

This year is the third year for my rhubarb. I had to move it three times to find where it finally displayed a discernible will to live.

There will be rhubarb pie in my near future. I can hardly wait!

Truth to tell, I have never grown it and just now realized I don’t know how to harvest it. I’ll google it when I’m finished writing here.

I decided I had endured enough of the staying at home, and took my first trip over the hill to the big grocery store today. It was a very pleasant drive and a nice experience at the store. There were only a few changes to the routine and no lines. I got everything on my list and had a fun time wandering all over the place while listening to the cheerful music. Felt almost normal.

I don’t want to make any promises about updating here. Because tomorrow seems like an eternity from now. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose track of time…. again. But whenever the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey wobbles back around to a space where the “UPDATE DIARY” notice drops in the vacuum tube onto my desk. I’ll be sure to pay attention.

Hope you are all well and ….. that YOU know what day it is!


  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Everything looks lovely and cool!

    Cut your rhubarb from the outside stalks. You can wash it up and freeze it for cobbler later.


  2. MMMMM Rhubarb! How wonderful!!

  3. Sharon C says:

    Love rhubarb pie. Enjoy! Those violets will be lovely

  4. Mamallama says:

    Don’t ask me!
    I’m as lost as you are.
    All I know is that there has been a shift in the time continuum.:)

  5. I have to know what day it is because of being a dialysis patient. Today, Monday, of all days, I have thought for a few seconds at 1 AM that I had dialysis today. No, not today. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are my days to have treatment. The loss of time, though, is still being experienced during this time of stay home because of a pandemic.

  6. ermabclone says:

    I love rhubarb. Yours is much bigger than ours. It has been so cold here. Soon though!

  7. FutureCat says:

    I only know what day it is because I’m working from home, so I spend my days sitting in front of a computer that tells me what day it is. Otherwise, I’d have no idea. In fact, even when I’m sitting in front of the computer I often have no idea until I look at what (virtual) meetings I have on. These are strange times.

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