Archives for April 14, 2020

(Here we go again…)

That’s not a very nice thing to say to someone who is just trying to make it through another day in the twilight zone.

I can’t remember what day I did this. I can’t remember what day it is pretty much at all, so let’s just say ‘a few days ago’ I suddenly needed to do something uber familiar and happy making.

So I piled myself and my pruning shears into Suzie Cube and went for a toodle around the valley looking for possible dye plants. I found a few weeds that I have never seen before and as I was clipping a handful, the thought went through my mind… ‘I hope these don’t give me a rash’…. because truly, I didn’t know what they were. I still don’t

I came home and saw S. out surveying her front yard with her cereal bowl in her hand like any good gardener… multitasking. I stopped for a chat and she gave me some things from her yard to add to my collection.

When I do a dye pot, I usually have a table FULL of plant matter, but this time… not so much.

I scrounged little bits of this and that from my yard and garden. It was a tad pitiful, but I was determined.

I have to be honest, the batch of papers was pretty underwhelming. For one thing I was picking plants that were immature and unfamiliar. I’m thinking plants do better when they are fully mature. Plus some were untested. It was generally a warm up batch to make sure I still knew what I was doing.

I found one lone grape hyacinth which made an amazing little print.

Here it is close up.

These are the immature leaves of a flowering plum along with the blossoms. Who would think pink blossoms would dye yellow?

I picked one red tulip that was blooming in the garden and placed the petals and the black stamens? on one paper. The petals did virtually nothing. But those stamens?? Dyed onto the front and back of two papers, leaving completely different images. I was blown away by them.

Evidently I only took pictures of three of them. This last one is magical to me. It looks like something from an alien planet.

Anyway, it was good to return to my obsession. It’s been a long winter.