My Acorna

You know you have entered the environs of bizzaro world when you have to tell your spell checker to learn Covid-19.

I have been watching Corona parody videos on the Tube of You to the tune of My Sharona. I don’t feel like linking any of them here. But some of them are pretty funny. In case you are desperate for a laugh.

Yesterday was not my best day so far in this situation. A little too much navel gazing was going on. So today I made up my mind to be productive. I cleaned house like a boss. I am watering the garden even though it’s supposed to rain or snow tomorrow. And I went outside and took care of the one thing that was REALLY bothering me.

I raked all the sticks and acorns off my front lawn.

For some reason, this one thing makes me feel like I’m in charge of my surroundings. At least for a while. If the storm brings high winds with it, there will be more junk falling off the oak trees. But for now, it looks smashing and I intend to go out there and admire it as much as possible today.

(Sticks and acorns should be the least of your worries there Cupcake.)

Easy for you to say. There are no viruses that attack punctuation.

(True. But I don’t want to be out of a job. You keep me employed.)

You have no idea how lucky you are.


  1. ksmiley says:

    This Coronavirus pandemic has been an issue from the start. I have no idea if the media WANTS to scare us all to death, panic, and run for the hills. It has worked for some and worried many others. We are doing EVERYTHING we can to get through this pandemic as the government keeps us informed. I am leaving ONLY to go to dialysis and back. Today was the first day I stood in the hallway to see the maintenance who is a very nice, Christian, gentleman. Otherwise I am allowing others to come to me. I am doing EVERYTHING the best I can.

  2. Cheryl F says:

    That is a formidable task – it looks great. I will admire it from afar.

  3. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Your yard looks great! We’re expecting rain / wind / hail…tornado? Sunday-Monday here

  4. Wise woman. Control “something” makes you feel at least a small semblance of control of your life. I have also been organizing and tidying.

  5. Great idea. Hang in there. We are all at this point. We shut down 4 weeks ago. But taking control of something works for me. Hugs and love.

  6. Mamallama says:

    Punctuation has it’s own form of virus.
    It’s called the backspace button or an eraser.
    ( ) beware!!

  7. wrenchman366 says:

    I need to do that big time today I have a huge tree that I had cut down about a week ago I had better get started on that , be safe my friend.

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