Archives for March 30, 2020

Insecurity of the Edible Kind

I just saw something on Instagram that I thought was kinda funny.

Someone posted an empty jar of peanut butter with the caption: “This is where it all falls apart. The peanut butter is gone. Gone!”

So, here’s my question.

What item [by way of edibles] really makes you feel insecure if you don’t have it in the house?

Okay… let’s make it two things.

For me, it’s milk and butter.

Makes me realize that evidently I should be a farm girl with a cow to milk during uncertain times. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the chicken yard is big enough for a cow. Though I DO know how to milk as I used to have goats a very long time ago.

I am going out only once a week for groceries and I’m shopping in the store here in our very small town. It’s a little surreal to find shelves that are not fully stocked. There’s only one item that seems to be perennially missing and that’s the toilet paper. I wish someone would explain that one to me. But the rest of the items on my list today were all present, if not abundant.

I’m hoping that once everyone has their stash of items that make them feel ‘normal’, we will level off and get back to realizing that the trucks are still coming, there’s no shortage of food.

Perhaps however, we do have a bit of a shortage of common sense.

But that’s a story for another day….