Archives for March 29, 2020

For T. in Quarantine

Every week I have a FaceTime call with one of my sons and his wife.

This week they asked to be excused. T. was having a rough day because of our stressful circumstances. And didn’t feel like talking. I felt so bad for her and myself and … well, everyone.

So I decided to do something silly and fun to cheer her up.

Here we go:

Dory and Abigail feeling anxious about being cooped up in the house.
They have decided to play dress up to take their mind off things.
This is Dory’s favorite dress.
Abigail favors this one.
Sometimes they dress like twins.
And sometimes not.
Dory likes the shawl. Abigail prefers the cape.
They both enjoy knitting.
They like to share their doll. Her name is Molly.
Here is what they are going to do when all this is over. 🙂 Road trip!!!

I love you T.

Everything is going to be all right.