Archives for March 28, 2020


Thanks to Steve the photo uploader is functioning again. 🙂

You may recall this bit of disaster in the garden after a ferocious wind storm:

And then is snowed….

But the sun came out and repairs were made. With nary a broken board! I thought I was going to have to start from scratch. But with a little methodical patience it all came untangled and I changed some areas of weakness so hopefully it is stronger now.

I decided not to put the top shade blanket on for now, till the weather calms down. Good thing… because this was the day before yesterday:

I don’t know which way to jump weatherize. Some days I think I’m way behind the gardening curve and I need to speed things up. And then this happens and I remember where we are on the calendar.

I DID plant a large variety of sweet pea seeds the other day, and I’m not worried about them. They like cool temperatures.

The one thing I am short on are trellises. I am planting five different climbing flowers this year and I have determined not to let them grow on the garden fencing because the deer eat everything that is on the outside and it stunts them as half of the leaves get devoured. So I’m in the market for something to repurpose as a trellis inside the garden.

I have seen a metal headboard in the window of the second hand store, but they are closed for the time being because of …. well…. you know. So I’m trolling Pinterest for other ideas. I’ll let you know if I come up with something.