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Almost anything I say right now will be inadequate to express how truly unique a time we are living in together.

And that’s the key word.


There have been many ‘disasters’ in human history in local places. Many perhaps on a continent. But very few of them reached around the globe. And none of them have ever happened when we had the ability to watch in real time what our fellow humans were going through.

I think we can say that never in the history of mankind have we ever experienced this kind of global consciousness. There are plenty of people who have written about it as a goal, some who think they can perhaps impose it by political methods, some who think that it would be the answer to ALL of our problems. [Anyone remember the ‘harmonic convergence’ idea that was floated a couple of decades ago?]

But here we are. Right in the middle of global consciousness because of [please don’t judge me]… a garden variety flu virus that has a much lower death rate than many others that we have weathered and survived.

Kind of makes you wonder if God is trying to get our attention.

I for one want to say loud and clear, “I’m listening!”

In Kabbalistic teachings in the Jewish tradition there is a meditative technique called Hitbodedut. It means ‘self isolation’. We have the physical part of that covered don’t we? Maybe it would be a good time to follow it up with a deep inner listening.

Being an introverted home body myself, being asked to stay at home was like telling me I was getting a lifetime supply of brownies coming in the mail. Woot! I GOT this! No problem!

However, even I have my limits. Yesterday I put this on my Instagram page:

Number of days before an introvert fully realizes they are in quarantine:

Evidently for this one,


I was watching a few videos last night from people I follow on YouTube talking about how they were dealing with this situation. And I had a little melt down. I was so grateful that people took the time to put these videos up because it was so encouraging and touching. Here’s one that put me over the edge….

That’s my Hazy.

So anyway… all is well here at Heartwood Cottage. And even though I am alone physically. I am in no way alone in other ways. As a matter of fact, I’ve never had so much company in my life! 🙂 I hope you are all well, and that you stay well.

I can only think of one other thing that might help me cope right now.

If any of you happen to come across one of these, send him on over okay?