Slow Puddle Progress

Just a quick update on the ‘water feature’ project.

I have been calling it a ‘pond’ and after a stern lecture from () I realized that was a pretty grandiose term for what I actually have in mind. Which in all honesty will be more like a puddle.

S. had a suggestion of burying a rubber or plastic horse feeding tub which will hold water and be easier to clean out. Because dirt WILL get into it for sure.

I went shopping yesterday at Tractor Supply and almost bought one. I even took it all the way up to the checkout line, but then decided to measure it first and found that it wasn’t even two feet across. That’s just a pitifully small size. So I gave it to the check out girl and she said she would put it back.

I have often in the past bought something that wasn’t what I really wanted for a project because it was convenient or it seemed ‘good enough’ and then regretted settling for second best. This project has been too physically demanding …. and possibly demented…. to just throw something into the ground and hope for the best.

Here’s the progress so far:

The round thing poking up there is a large water cap for an irrigation pipe. That will stay. I have an idea of what I’m going to do with that. More later…

And here are three plants I bought yesterday to plant around the rocks. It’s just the first installment of many more to come.

Lavender, thyme and chocolate mint. Three things I don’t think the deer will bother. But there are never any guarantees with the deer. They do TASTE things. I may have to cover these for a while so they get some kind of roots going, because if the deer taste them at this stage, they pull them right out of the ground.

I’m so OVER the deer….



  1. I enjoy reading your diary. Thank you for the update. God bless, and thank you for taking time to read mine.

  2. I’ve been wondering what that thing sticking up was.
    Are you going to put those plants in that garden area?

  3. Chocolate mint.
    I think I need some. 🙂

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