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Close Encounter

I cannot post a picture of it, but I can tell the story.

Yesterday I woke up early and needed to start a fire. It was still mostly dark with only a little light coming in the East. There was frost everywhere.

I stepped out the back door to get some kindling and looked up. The stars were so bright in the clear morning! Then I noticed something…. I saw a satellite. Well, fine. There are plenty of those to be seen now a days. But suddenly, I realized there were several of them. All in a line.


Traveling together in a line.


I walked out into the yard, leaving the back door wide open in my bare feet trying to get a better look through the oak tree branches. What was I seeing? What was I witnessing?

And sure enough, there they were… about six or seven satellites marching across the sky together. I can only estimate that they were as far apart as several full moons.


And they were appearing in an odd orbit too… north west going south east.

They slowly winked out as they went east, losing their angle of reflection from the sun. I went back inside and tried to process what I had just seen… and then something came to me. I decided to call my son A. I needed to tell someone right then so I didn’t feel like a crazy person.

And as soon as I called him… it came to me what they might have been.

And he confirmed it.

This is what I was seeing:

So if you happen to look up one night, and see something you’ve never seen before, don’t be alarmed. It’s just the future. 🙂