Archives for January 14, 2020

Not Lost Weeks

As I look at the date of my last entry, and glance at the calendar today, I am quite mystified how two weeks could have gone by without my noticing it.


At all.

But during this confounding passage of time, I have not been idle. I’ve been putting my new plans into action and already reaping the benefits.

The empty Kanban board is back in business. And I finally sewed up a skirt that I had all cut out and ready. It had been languishing in a box with its thread and zipper and bias tape for well over a year. It felt good to slap that post-it over to the DONE side of the board!

We woke up to snow this morning.

Try to imagine summer…

It was heavy, wet snow even though it was quite cold out. We are very happy. We need the moisture. And snow is one of the nicest things, because it generally melts slowly and stays put, giving the soil time to soak it up in place.

This was the netting AFTER I knocked most of the snow off of it. It was resting on the ground. It has been stretched and repositioned so many times now, that it may be necessary to buy new this Spring. We can’t do without it because of the hawks. The hens do NOT like the snow. I had to shovel them a path and then frog march them to the shelter where the chicken feed is. They were not amused.

Here is a big leaf maple bud in deep freeze:

Just think, inside that protected casing is the embryo of a huge lime green maple leaf! Never you fear. We will see it not that long from now. How amazing is that???

It’s supposed to REALLY snow tomorrow afternoon and through the night. This could get interesting. Good thing Bruce is here to keep us warm and in hot food and water even if the power goes out. I’ve filled up jars and a bucket or two of water just in case. Because when the power does go out, we don’t have water because the pump to the well doesn’t work. Hopefully this won’t happen. But I’m ready just in case.