Archives for December 17, 2019

Eco Light

The other day on Pinterest…. the gold mine of inspiration…. I saw something that gave me an idea for another way to use my eco dyed papers.

This is the most rudimentary prototype of one of my papers wrapped around a votive glass:

Now the one caveat is that this is a piece of Tomoe River paper, which is quite thin. I don’t have very many of those that I have dyed. But I may have to rethink that come Spring.

This is not exactly wonderfully safe either. But I wanted to see what the effect would be and I really like it. Now the experimentation will have to begin. But it’s nice to see the first iteration of any brainstorm don’t you think?

I’m about to go outside foraging for a few items. We shall see where this goes in the coming days. 🙂

(You will excuse me while I put the fire department on speed dial.)

Where’s your sense of adventure and experimentation?

(Right next to the fire extinguisher.)


(Accident hazard.)

That’s Creative Genius to you, mister.