Archives for December 11, 2019

Where’s Waldo?

Quite some time ago I bought a new journal. I loved the paper inside, but was not all that jazzed about the cover. So I got out some of my eco dyed papers and made one for it.

That journal has been sitting by my chair for over a year. The other day I glanced over at it and just like that, an image popped out at me. I could not believe that I hadn’t noticed it before.

My mother and my brother both are VERY good at this sort of thing and every time I would show them a new batch of papers, they would start right in finding all manner of objects and creatures. My brother has an advantage over me in that he is color blind. So I’m sure these things are much easier for him to spot.

So today I decided to very lightly draw some lines indicating the image I saw. I made myself not overdo it. I’m glad I used restraint. This my friends is pretty much what I saw…. after a whole year. . .

Some sort of creature eating some other sort of creature. And if you want to go further, it looks like his paws are resting on a ledge that’s covered with that washi tape.

I made free to add whiskers, but the dots were already there.

(You should have taken a ‘before’ picture dill weed.)

I know. I didn’t think of it till afterwards. My bad.

I have avoided outlining anything on my papers up until now. I figured I would let people find their own creatures.

(Pass me a handful of ’em, I bet I can find a dill weed on every one.)

Yes. I suppose you probably could.

Cranky pants.