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Coop Tidy 2019.3

The snow has pretty much melted away and the hens are back out in their yard, happily digging around in the leaves doing their chicken thing. But with all the indoor time, the coop had gotten way more ….. coopy than we were happy about. So today I did a feed store run and bought stall dry and chicken feed, and put it all back into proper order.

Since I have a very healthy number of lavender plants in my yard and garden, I harvested a LOT of blossoms this year. My favorite use for them is to strew them all around the coop. I wonder how many chickens get to sleep above lavender scented poop boards?

Or lay eggs in lavender lined nests?

There are two nest boxes in the coop, but this is the one they like best. This morning, Lady Gray and Lucy were both in there having a mild kerfuffle over who was going to use it first. I didn’t hang around to find out how that got settled. But eggs were laid.

Here they are happily seeking out some of the sweepings from the coop floor. They love oats and are willing to spend a fair amount of time hunting them down.

After all the cleaning up, I mixed up my amended chicken feed and put it all in buckets in the shed. It feels good to know that their little hen world is all snug and tidy. I do all this work, for these beautiful things:

Omelet anyone?