Archives for October 14, 2019


Looking at the date of my last entry is embarrassing.

I have well and truly fallen down on the blogging job.

My apologies.

I am here to at least make it official that I have decided to take a blogging hiatus until January.

I find that I am a bit fatigued by on line activities in general and have been limiting my interactions there lately. I glance at the news sites for about thirty seconds, cringe, and go look at pretty things on Pinterest instead. But even that has begun to annoy as the algorithms seem to have quite lost their little digital minds and keep throwing up things that are too repetitive. Programs will never be people. I don’t care what the AI enthusiasts say.

Things on the homestead are winding down. I just have a little more work in the garden to put it to bed for the winter. I have named the hens. And long overdue it was.

Far left, Lucy. When she ‘clucks’ she sounds more like a goose than a hen. She is the youngest and hasn’t started laying yet. Esmerelda is standing. She’s the benevolent head hen. And very beautiful. And trying to get under her wing is Lady Gray. No, she’s not all gray. But she has accent tail and wing feathers in the most alluring gray I’ve ever seen on a chicken.

We have had some hard times recently in that two or three gray squirrels discovered that they could get into the coop during the day and they terrorized the girls and stole both of my wooden eggs out of the nest and chewed on them mercilessly. I found them just today. One in the ice pond and the other behind the cedar tree in the dog pen. They also ate at least one real egg.

I’m afraid one of those squirrels paid for it with his life today. They don’t call me dead eye for nothing.

So that’s that sad tail… I mean tale.

Anyway, I’m taking a break from blogging. Hoping for happier stories to tell and a fresh outlook in January. In the meantime, I’m spending much of my time studying Judaic subjects in a newly intense way and find most of my energies go into that pursuit. Having your nose in a book is a very analog occupation. In fact, a highly anticipated volume should be in the mail tomorrow and I have a feeling I may never recover from the wonder of it.

Thank you for your forbearance during my planned absence. I should have mentioned it sooner. Sorry for that part….. May you be well and happy until next we meet!

I leave you with a photo of the view last night from inside my Sukkah.

See you in 2020. 🙂