Archives for July 12, 2019

Somebody Stop Me*

*(Don’t you DARE stop her! Boiling the garden is keeping her out of MY library. I’ve finally had time to catalog all the ampersands on the west side of the room. Keep her occupied a little longer. I’m enjoying the quiet.)

It’s high summer and the plants are blooming…..


Yesterday I cooked up a batch that included a few new things.

And many standbys.

Breen lettuce. And one of the surprises in the garden this year. Magenta snapdragons, which for some mysterious reason turn blue.


Dill blossoms, snapdragon, flowering plum, violas, and weeds:


Ditto. Plus Sweet Peas:


Dill, Morning Glory, and Milkweed blossoms:


Not all the papers are intensely colored. I like all of them for what they are. Snapdragon and the front and backsides Flowering Plum leaves:


This one defies description. That mauve shape that LOOKS like a flower, is actually just color flow. OMG.


I’m enjoying adding Salsify fluff right now. I’m amazed that it shows up.


The greens in this one that overtook the plum leaves are from the lettuce on a paper nearby in the bundle. I love it.


I don’t actually have words for this one…


And finally, a close up of a weed I don’t even know the name of….


We could call it ‘Connect the Dotweed’ for now.  🙂

It’s not a trick. It’s not sleight of hand. It’s not smoke and mirrors.

This is REAL magic!