Ode to Suzie the Cube

Two days ago, I cleaned the daylights out of the interior of Suzie Cube.

Now I won’t say I got out the QTips or anything, but I went a little OCD with the cleaning.

(Suzy… QTips… that’s kind of funny actually. I had to point it out in spite of myself.)

Don’t hurt yourself.

After all, it had been a long Winter and Spring that consisted of two trips hauling chickens and chicken feed, a puppy… [boo hoo] and puppy food, plants from the nursery, plus plants for eco dying that I snagged while on forays on the back roads, and piles and piles of things that I purged from my house over the last six months which made the interior look a LOT more like a pickup on a farm than a trendy and quirky four door sedan.

She needed to go to the spa.

Anyway, I wore myself clean out…. [get it?] taking care of the interior and ran out of steam for the exterior.

Today I decided I would finish the job.

She looked so spiffy after getting washed, I had to take a couple of pictures…



That’s a shiny car right there…..


I am so grateful to have this car. Even though it looks like a city car, it’s actually a very capable country mountain goat of a vehicle. I’ve never owned a more reliable car and I do my very best to take care of her inside and out including mechanically. It’s hard to believe, but she’s 10 years old. And just turned over 60,000 miles.

I cannot think of a car that would suit me better than this one and I never, EVER take her for granted.

Though I have to say, as soon as I drive down the dusty lane to the main road, her cute little back end will be covered with dust. But at least for now… she looks as good as new.














  1. cheryl j f says:

    Just like she looked when you drove her off the lot 🙂

  2. Cheryl T says:

    Waiting for the next report….bird SPLAT!

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