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Chickens and Roosters and Pigs, Oh My!


Yesterday I drove out to T’s farm to swap chickens with her. Two roosters for two chicks.

It was a fun outing, as I got to meet several of the creatures that are on her farm. There were several dogs, including a really big white one that is a guard dog for some of the animals who lives out in the field with them. He looks and moves like a polar bear. 🙂 There were goats, geese with two goslings, chickens, and….

After we let the roosters loose and secured the chicks in the pen in my car, she looked down into the field and saw her boar pig. She called him and he came trotting across the road and up the steep bank just like a dog might! He didn’t come too close however. Just close enough to see if she had anything for him to eat. It was a hoot.

I brought the chicks home and put their cage in the coop, and during the day that is their home, safe from the older hens who need time to get used to them. It’s a perfect set up.


The blue towel?

Well, last night I woke up because I was a little chilly. And I thought about the chicks. I got my lantern and the towel and went out there and covered them up with it. They were very happy. They snuggled right under it and stayed put. It was cute.

Here they are…


Really hoping they are both hens. We went by the color of their combs, which compared to another chick she had are yellow instead of red. But you never know….


The remaining hens have been just a bit uncertain about their life without the men around. Even though those guys were starting to get pretty bossy and had begun to grab a feather now and then and pluck it out just so everyone knew what was what in the poultry hierarchy.


So, we are going to be slowly integrating the chicks into the flock. Naming ceremonies are on long term hold for now. 🙂

Oh, yesterday really was a busy day, because on the way home, I spotted a trailer of wood parked on the side of the road that I liked the look of AND the price, so I called and he brought it to me toot sweet!

Meet my new hobby over the next several days….


You know it’s funny. Around here, in the winter all we do is fuss around with wood. And in the summer all we do is fuss around with wood. Burning it or gathering and stacking…. take your pick. One way or the other it’s always about the wood.


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