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The Dalai Lama Wags His Finger

I’m not gonna lie.

(Why stop now?)

Rolling of eyes….

I did a bundle of eco dyed papers yesterday with high anticipation because I was able to try three new plants that were not available last year when I took up the hobby. But the new plants were a bitter disappointment. One in particular was quite puzzling to me. I tried Catalpa blossoms which are quite stunning…


The Catalpa must be related to orchids. What do you think? Somebody look that up.

But my friends, in the dye pot? They leave nary a trace. In fact it was even hard to identify the flower at all. It’s almost like they dissolved completely. So, I have nothing to show you even by way of a shadow on the papers.

This is how my workspace looked as I was about to begin:


And here are some of the papers:





A close up of some bachelor buttons…. it looks like an anatomy illustration to me.


This one is more like something from an electron microscope:


Anyway, it was a lesson in realities not meeting expectations. I think the Buddhists have quite a lot to say about that problem in life.

But I’m not Buddhist, so I took it pretty hard. In fact it sent me into a pretty severe funk.

(Oh you fragile  ‘arteest’ types weary me to death. Get over yourself. It’s just another batch of ‘boiled garden’. What’s the big deal?)

You will obviously never understand, so I won’t waste my time trying to explain.

Those who know, know. And you know who you are. 🙂


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