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A Chicken By Any Other Name…

With all the recent drama of having a puppy on the homestead and then the aftermath of NOT having a puppy and me recuperating from NOT having a puppy, I haven’t said too much about my chickens.

They have been the opposite of drama queens and have been quietly growing and maturing and enjoying their chicken pasture.

You may have wondered why I haven’t named them yet, and frankly I was wondering the same thing. My obsession to give names to things was not kicking in with these chickens.

Now I know why.

Yesterday when I opened the coop door to let them out, two of them crowed. Right before my disbelieving eyes.

Oh boy.


Here’s the line up…

This is a hen:


So is the brown one in this photo:


But here’s Mr. Rooster #1:


And two:


Notice how they had positioned themselves between me and the hens? And their combs have recently turned bright red. They began to look quite different almost overnight. It was weird.

Anyway, I have spoken to T. who informed me that she has some unexpected chicks that were under a goose who was setting on a clutch of eggs. She says they might be ready next week to join my flock. I will give her the roosters in exchange.

In the meantime, when I put them to bed at night, I will no longer say, “Nighty night girls.” It will be “Nighty night boys and girls.”

Life on the homestead has been full of joys, disappointments, and surprises this Spring.

And there may be more to come, because neither T. nor I are very good at sexing chickens. So who knows if those chicks she has are boys or girls.

The naming ceremonies may be postponed until they start popping out eggs.

Which is the whole point of this endeavor.

Time will tell.

It always does.