Archives for June 10, 2019

Eco Madness

All around me, in and out of my own yard and garden, there are plants blooming and growing that I didn’t have a chance to work with last year while in a throes of my eco-dying madness.

Oh, I’m still mad.

A long, cold, wet winter did nothing to ease my condition.

The following prints were made yesterday.

Coreopsis and willow:


Coreopsis, Viola and some sort of grass I found on the side of the road:


And amazing close up image of the back side of a coreopsis:


There’s a variety of grass that grows along our lane that starts out with these closed up ‘spears’ but soon they will ‘explode’ into a large fuzzy ball. Here they are with Violas, Bachelor Buttons and Black Eyed Susan vine:


This was a deep red lily from my yard. I had to take it apart as it was too thick to put into the bundle whole. Who knew that the secret life of a red lily is actually blue?


One of my favorites of the batch…flowering plum leaves and Sweet Peas:


So far in every batch of papers I have dyed, there always seems to be one that is a masterpiece of subtlety. Snapdragon [original flower was lemon yellow], an unidentified weed, and plum leaves:


Though it was a very tough call, I do believe this is my favorite one of the batch. Forget me Not, Snapdragon, and Violas:


With magical results such as these, I doubt I shall recover any time soon. I’ve gone to tea with the Mad Hatter….

“Clean cup, clean cup! Move down, move down!