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I Found My Bowl Mate


Do you think it is possible that certain objects are supposed to belong to certain people?

I’m beginning to wonder if this is not a principle of the universe.

Yesterday I was hurrying up the street on my way to an appointment when I spied something from the open door of the hardware store. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at it from the sidewalk. I didn’t have time to go in and take a closer look. But I had a feeling I would have to do some further investigation.

Today I was in town again and not in a hurry.

I went in.

I picked it up.

I hemmed and hawed for about 15 seconds.

It’s not something that I NEEDED. But boy oh boy, did I WANT it. 🙂

I threw my money joyfully at the clerk and brought it home.


In this picture it looks like glass, but it’s heavy pottery.

Holds 3 quarts.

And my heart. 🙂

(ANOTHER bowl?!! Are you out of your sweet pea pickin’ mind?)


But who cares. Even they are in love.


Let’s bake a cake.