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Up and At ‘Em


I have been up since 5:30.

I GOT up at 4:30 because Finn told me he had to go out. So we went out. But we came right back in and had another hour in bed. But the second time he wanted out, we stayed up.

It’s sort of been full on since then.

I decided this morning that I needed to do something that was nurturing to ME. I’ve been very busy lately taking care of everyone else’s needs. Which is fine. I’m glad I can still run around after a flock of chickens and a puppy. But, the lilacs were fading and I promised myself I would see what they would be like in the dye pot.

Turns out, not that much of anything.

These are a few of the 27 papers I dyed today.

But there were other happy outcomes…. Walnut and Violas:





The blue/green dark one is something called Bulbous Blue Grass that grows EVERYWHERE around here.

Ferns and clover:


I dismantled a deep purple…almost black iris that grows in my yard. ┬áDramatic!


And my favorite of the whole batch:IMG_0873

Sweet peas, clover and lilac leaves with a few Violas mixed in. I love the papers with many layers.

But now that it is the end of the day, I’m ready to collapse.

Yesterday I carried my phone in my pocket as it measures how far I walk. Turns out just running around after a puppy in my own vicinity racks up about 3 miles.

So… yeah.

Time for bed!


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