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Birds of a Feather


Even though Finn takes up a bit more space than perhaps is quite fair at this point in time… and by space I mean time and attention, there are other creatures that are learning the ropes around the homestead too. And I have to make sure they are not getting themselves into trouble while I’m busy trying to convince Finn that deer poop is an inferior source of nourishment compared to the puppy food in the ‘Taste of the Wild’ bag in the room of requirement.

(I think you are losing that argument.)

Let’s keep a positive outlook shall we?

Anyway…. here are the girls the other day:


It was a bit cool outside, so they huddled up.

They do this A LOT.


I have never had chickens who were quite as bonded as this group. They do EVERYTHING together. Sometimes it’s like watching one big bird with several segments moving through the chicken yard. And when one of them gets excited and starts to run, then the wings start flapping and it really gets comical.

The two light colored ones are still negotiating who is going to be head hen. But if they aren’t careful, they may be deposed by the brown one. It’s fun to watch.

I CAN tell you that the black hen is the most calm and accepts being picked up with a rather dignified demeanor. She has some brown feathers too, but I think it will be quite a while before I can capture that in a photo. It’s very subtle, but very pretty.

When I went out to open the coop this morning, they were all lined up like four loaves of bread in one of the nests. I told them that even though they may not be aware, they are living in the most adorable coop in the valley.


And they might want to spend a little time thinking that over today while going about their business…… together.