Archives for May 10, 2019

Life on the Farm…


is NOT kinda laid back right now!

Life with a puppy certainly keeps you hopping. To accomplish the goal of housebreaking there is the constant… in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out…. and finally IN for the night. I’m giving myself a B+. At this point in the game it’s not Finn’s job to ‘get it’, it’s my job to remember the condition of his puppy bladder and take appropriate steps to see to it that when he pees it’s on the lawn, not in the house.

Of course there are other issues.

Like ‘who’s food is this anyway?’. Here’s Finn trying to negotiate his claim to my salmon patty and pasta.


It was established beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was mine.

Here he is napping in the swing with me:


And here’s a reference photo for the future when he’s all grown up. I’ll take one then and see what he looks like in front of Bruce.


He is growing so fast. He’s taller already and he’s only been here for 8 days!

Here’s one, just because it’s cute:


Even though I collapse into bed every night in a heap of exhaustion, I must admit, it’s pretty darn nice to have a dog again.