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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up….


So, yesterday as I was closing the coop door after checking on the huddle of chickens nestled together for the night…. the thought went through my mind…. Now all we need is a puppy to go with….

I have been quietly looking for a puppy since last summer.

Things never worked out.


I was ‘starting to lose confidence’ as Inigo Montoya once said.

I had put a search out on Petfinder and every morning they would send me a list of new pets in shelters within a hundred mile radius. I have looked at a lotta dogs let me tell you. And nothing was happening.

This morning….. well, there they were, a litter of border collie cross puppies. I called them right then and put a hold on one of the puppies. I had to drive about 70 miles and wasn’t even sure if it would work out. I have a list of temperament tests to give a puppy and I intended to use them. If the puppies failed, I was not bringing one home. This is a big commitment you know? I also wanted a male, so that narrowed things down to three of them.

I was all prepared to play with my new chickens today but had to put that on hold. They stayed safely in the coop while I went off on what might be a wild puppy chase.

Turns out I was wrong about that…. because one of the puppies passed the tests with flying colors.

May I introduce you to …..






The shelter gives temporary names to the dogs before adoption. This litter was named after Game of Thrones characters. His name was Rob. I don’t know who Rob is in Game of Thrones, but I thought it was pretty amazing that the name of my most favorite dog EVER, was our Robbie.

I just got new chickens and had made jokes that it was time for a puppy.

AND today is my youngest son’s birthday.

Serendipity was having a flat out field day.

(You know, even *I* am impressed by this many ‘coincidences’. Dang girl!)

Here he is checking out the view from the front yard…


AND… I took him out to meet the chickens as I have a powerful desire that there be a permanent peace between these species under my care. And once he realized I wasn’t going to let him chase the chickens… he made a classic border collie move and laid down flat and kept his herding eye on them. It was a thing to behold. 🙂


I’m over the moon happy about this turn of events.

But I also know that things are going to be very different around here now.

I’m going to have to put on my running shoes to keep up with all these creatures.

(You don’t OWN running shoes. You don’t run. EVER. This is going to be a problem.)

We’ll figure it out as we go along.

After all, we have Serendipity on our side.


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