Archives for May 1, 2019

Back in the Poultry Again…..

The coop has been empty for a long time.


But the clovers and grasses I planted last fall have taken hold in the most satisfactory way. I’ve mowed this area twice already this Spring.

Today, I brought home four young chickens. I can’t call them chicks as they are feathered out and have gone past the delicate stages of life. I got them from my friend T. who hatched them out and cared for them very well until today.

I drove out to her place and got to pick them out, which was fun. She showed me a list of the possible breeds, but let’s just say, their father was a lavender something or another and their mother could be any number of breeds. We shall call them exotic hybrids. I’m gonna go with that.

Here they are having their first drink of water:


And getting used to the coop….



They ate a LOT of food and then had to take a nap afterwards…. 🙂


The black one tucked her head under her wing. So cute.

I’ve given them a box turned on its side with hay in it and a towel over top of it to sleep in. They still need each other for warmth. But it won’t be drafty in the coop and I think they will be fine.



It’s so nice to have some living creatures on the homestead again.

Thank you T. !!!