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Yellow Yellow Sunny and Bright


A couple of days ago, I had to run to town for an appointment and on the way I passed the feed store. Out in the front by the road they have a large flowerbed with all kinds of nice plants in it. As I drove by going 60 miles an hour, I saw this flash of bright yellow that almost seemed unreal. What was THAT?

Well, on the way home I stopped in to said feed store to buy a couple of ferns for my revamped flowerbed by the porch. I pulled the car up next to the most gorgeous clump of daffodils that has ever been my pleasure to have clapped eyes on.

It was just shy of high noon and the light that was playing on those daffodils was beyond amazing.

I did not enhance these photos in any way. There was no flash from my camera, nor did I ramp up colors with the photo editor. What you are seeing, is the way it was… 🙂





Spring is here.

The daffodils declare it to be SO!


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