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Winter Boil


Winter it seems, is firmly entrenched.

In fact I’ve lost track of how many snow days we’ve had.

Today it is sunny, but it’s 38 degrees and it’s almost noon. Plus the wind is blowing a rather nasty, taunting way as if to say…

“I’M in charge here! Go take your miserable carcass and park it by the wood stove. This is no place for cowards such as yourself. Be gone!”

And so I and my miserable carcass are parked as near to Bruce as I can manage without burning my toes, admitting my cowardly Spring starved status…… for now.

However, S. and I, being the subversive types we are, declared a play date on Sunday. We went our separate ways and gathered as much winter dye pot fodder as we could and set to on the kitchen table. The ONLY flowers available were gathered from the chilly clumps of Violas that are spearheading the Spring Revolt in my garden and a few brave crocus blossoms that unfortunately disappeared under the rigors of alum, horse shoe rust, and a two hour boil in water.

Here are a few of the results…. Violas and carrot tops:




Fir branches and Manzanita leaves:




Boxwood and Blackberry:


The surprise dyeable plant of the day… Manzanita leaves and kale:



Same ones from the other side…. weird eh?


We were moderately happy with our experiments and very glad to know that we can do this in the winter if we damn well want to.

(A little cranky are we?)


You don’t want to go there with me today. You have been warned.

Go put some wood on the fire and shut up.

(Well yes ma….)

I SAID shut up!