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Rip Van Tidy Up


Here I am, feeling like Rip Van Winkle…. waking up from some long winter night, looking around with bleary eyes wondering what the heck happened to the last several weeks.

I’ve been holed up inside most of the time, scrubbing cupboards and rearranging shelves, decluttering the house and generally trying not to think about all the things that need doing out in the yard and garden. I have a rather vivid fear that one day in mid April, someone somewhere who is in charge of these things, will wake up from THEIR slumber and look at the calendar and say, “Oh crickey, turn the heat up!” And BAM it will summer. Never mind that the day before it was trying to get up to 50 degrees at three in the afternoon.


(She’s trying to cover up for the fact that this blog has been sadly neglected. Not that I care mind you. I think it’s a public service when she stays off the Tubes. But that’s just me. Your milage may vary.)

as I was saying… today I decided that I needed to get outside and start to rake the winter detritus off some of the lawn. I had intended to work on this area:


Sticks, acorns, and leaves. Sigh…. it was pristine last fall, like a vacuumed carpet.

But I got sidetracked in the woodshed area and ended up clearing it out and raking that side of the house instead.


I straightened the whole area where I had the snow wood stored. I used up every stick of that during the storms. It was a good plan. But messy. Now it’s all squared away.

And finally, the obligatory Spring tidy up of the woodshed by the back door photoshoot:


I don’t know why this always makes me so happy. Perhaps it’s because the woodturning season and all its attending messiness is coming to an end…

(You wish. Have you looked at the weather report?)


Yeah, I know. It’s cold. It’s going to stay cold. Right up until it’s not cold.

This is the longest winter I have ever lived through.

I need to go down to the barn and bring up more wood.

But my woodshed is neatly.

For now.