Another Disappointment

Went to see 4 condos today with Cathy.  Most of them were crappy and trashy.  One of them was really nice though.  Well kept and clean and modern.  The asking price was good, but the condo fees were over $450/month so I don’t know if I’m interested 🙁

I’m also just having a lot of trouble even getting into this condo search.  I’m depressed in the first place…. and it’s always so disappointing to see all the trashy, gross places that are up for sale in my price range.

I’m back on CMB.  I chatted with one guy named Henry last night and today, but I ended it when I found out he had 2 kids.  Disappointing…  Really starting to believe that there’s no one out there for me.  Wish it had worked out with P.  I’m an idiot 🙁  I probably won’t ever say anything to him.  I’m too scared.  And I’m getting vibes from him like he’s not interested anyway… Really wish I was dead.  I’m tired of trying to find happiness in this world and failing over and over.

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