Dear Self,

Dear Self,

I know it’s been a challenging week.  Things didn’t turn out the way you hoped with Namo or Pao, and it’s disappointing.  But, you’ve been through this before.  You’ve been through much worse, actually.  You’ve been dumped harshly before.  You’ve been lied to before.  You’ve been ignored before.  And you’ve come out of it stronger.

You are a strong person and this is only a blip on the timeline that is your life.  Remember that only a few months ago you broke your wrist and you got through that all on your own!  You’ve been living on your own for 13 years now, not dependent on anyone.  You were purposely single for over a year!  You’re a very strong and capable woman.  Men have come and gone in your life and they will continue to.  Do not think that this is the end, because it isn’t!  It’s the beginning of a new chapter.

Remember that only 4 months ago, you were lonely and hadn’t yet met either N or P?  And now you know that there are actually really nice, decent guys out there that are interested in you (minus the whole lying about the ex-wife and kids thing lol :P)

Self, this is not going to last forever.  In one month’s time, you will be in a completely different mindset.  Things will probably be much better by then.  Go on, I dare you.  Check back in in one month and see how you feel!

Me from June 2019

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