Fall cleaning

Well is seems summer is coming to a close it is September summer seems to have flown by sine my Retirment that that is how it goes I guess.

Mom has been in hospital for now over 2 weeks they could not figure out why she was so weak thought she had a stroke it was bad I sat with her for days it was like I was watching her die she is 89 so I guess you never know when, then finally one blood test showed she had Lyme disease finally figured something out they started her on antibiotics then 2 days later she went to rehab, she is doing much better now so maybe will be going home in maybe a week at least that is what we are hoping she is making a lot of progress.

I got my small garage started cleaned out it was bad now I got a ton of cardboard to cut up and put in bags been neglecting that area for a long time so figure it was time and I can finally get to my old bike out there and still a shitload of old boxes to get rid of I will get it done



i decided I had better take care of my supply of pellets for my pellet burner in garage, I pre ordered them so got 10% off they came in had till end of month to pick them up got first load Friday I have to unload them and restock them on porch lot of work, got second ton Saturday got them unloaded and stacked and covered so that is done7C65E9E1-1F4F-4D58-AE57-9D873751F5FF

went out to Summit motor sports Sunday to pick up a few things I needed 2 hour drive but worth it there was an all Chevy car show there so that was an extra added bonus, that is about all Mom is back home from hospital and doing well


Old truck

i finally decided to do something with my old truck it is 2003 ranger rust bucket, been working on it for 2 days both front brake lines rusted off and transmission cooling line rusted through, finally today got brakes done but had to order transmission line from Ford unfortunately it did not come in so it’s leaking pretty bad it will have to stay inside while 57 has to sit outside and they are calling for rain I suppose it won’t hurt it to get wet.F02E40E9-D914-4494-B634-43577755C716

ok not much else going on in my life I love being retired still walking a lot not making much difference in my weight still only lost 15 but at least I am not gaining took last few days off from trail as humid as it is been it is miserable out there



Heat is on

went to parade in Saxonburg last night first time I have been there for about 5 years it was fun but I guess same as always except for foam party at end that was pretty cool.

am still doing my walking not everyday though like today heat index is way up there and normally after 5 miles I am soaked from sweating and today would have been horrible with humidity so I just will pass on it today.however I have lost 15 pounds I guess that is something.

no plans for the day going to races tonight at least as long as it is not too hot. We have box seats so we are in the shade.



Yesterday it rained most of the day so I didn’t get my walk in today was dry but cold this morning got my 5 miles in but was a struggle towards the end when I walk the second part I walk 1 1/2 miles away from trail head so I have no choice but to walk the final 1 1/2 my legs hurt but that got better after I got home for an hour maybe that means don’t take a day off.

didnt do much after that tomorrow I need to mow and need to take Marley to vet she is just turning 10 and her right eye does not look too good 210E75CA-80D1-4270-B767-5D0C896CAA53

poor girl is getting old but aside from her eye she is doing good she had a lot of eye trouble when she was younger before I got her so anyhow need to make appointment to have it looked at


Gutter work

We had a good little rain I think it was yesterday and instantly my gutters overflowed good sign they need cleaned, so up I go and they were not too bad except for the end where downspout is I cleaned that and water flowed so big job out of the way, and while I put my ladder away I thought I might as well dive into the exhaust leak on my car and that was not too awfully bad either, the previous owner tightened the nut holding pipe to manifold up but ran out of thread and just left it loose thus creating exhaust leak I simply took nut off put in a spacer and tightened it up and just like that no more exhaust leak


That is about all for today oh I did do my 5 miles this morning not many people on trail today the people I did see were new I guess since school is out must make a difference I don’t know I do know my hike is getting a bit easier been doing 5 miles for 8 days now


Jeep Festival

every year in Butler they have what is called Jeep invasion, I never went as it is Friday afternoon and I always had to get up for work Saturday early, so finally I could go and it was great really had a good time never imagined there were so many Jeeps in the area it was really fun.

not much else going on I am still keeping with my 5 mile walk in the mornings I have not noticed and change but it almost has to be working I need to stay away from scale daily maybe might switch to once a week.


Dreary day

it is surprising what sunshine can do to a person, it was a dreary and overcast morning I didn’t feel like being out there at all let alone do 5 miles I think it was on account of no sun, I made it though this was third day of 5 miles I ran out of water I saved one sip for the last half mile back to truck, I will take an extra bottle with me tomorrow, I walk 1 mile in one direction then come back to where I parked then do 3 the other direction so when I came back to truck after 2 miles then I will grab a fresh water.

this weekend is Jeep fest in Butler I guess the Jeep was invented somewhere up there so it is a big 3 day celebration, I think I will go up Friday all the Jeeps will be parked on Main Street with bands and food trucks, never went before as I had to always wake up at 3:00 am for work in Saturday but this year I am going.

Enjoy Life



Today was my second day of walking a full 5 miles my legs hurt but I guess that is to be expected it should get easier as time goes by I just have to keep up the 5 miles, I don’t see or feel the difference but the scale says I am down 13 pounds but then again when I first started walking I was lucky to do 2 miles so being I am up to 5 it must be making a difference.

paid off my truck and now today am going to shut off my cable tv I rarely watch it and I now have an antenna for local channels and I still have Netflix so I should be all set for entertainment, little chilly this morning but warming up and we are suppose to be getting storms.

Enjoy Life



i did not go for my walk yesterday it rained a good bit of the day so I figured a day off wouldn’t hurt. My neighbor cut down a nasty dead tree that was sort of on both of our property’s , I have lived here for 35 years I think they have been here maybe like 20 maybe a little less anyhow I never talked to the guy just never had the occasion and I am pretty much private person these days, anyhow I went out and we chatted for about an hour he has a nice 70 Nova he restored and of course I showed him my 57s it was a fun day getting to know him he is a really nice guy.

went walking today 4.7 miles my foot was starting to hurt so I cut it short maybe 5 tomorrow, I have been torn as to weather or not to pay off my truck I had the money saved up but kept thinking I should hang on to it but today I pulled the plug and did it, that only leaves me $ 550.00 I savings but will save me $ 315.00 per month so I can save back up.

Enjoy Life