Jul 232020
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Well so far losing weight has proven to be quite difficult I think it was easier to quit smoking I have been seriously working on this for over a year I think I started last Year in May lost 10 pounds then Mom got sick in August then taking care of her I did not do much losing through the end of the year, started hitting it hard in January all in all since last May till now I have lost 45 pounds, another 30 to go and if takes me another year so be it I just need to stay at it and be patient it does get discouraging sometimes when the scale won’t move for an entire month, that happened in June. But eventually it does go down, I cut back on walking I now walk 4 miles per day that extra mile didn’t seem to make a difference.

Mom is doing a lot better that lime disease really messed her up she is still having eye trouble and is not driving and add corona on top of it well it has been rough on her but she is doing well now.

that’s it for now life goes on looking like we might be having another stay at home order if positive tests continue to rise in my neck of the woods.hope one day it will end .

Starting work on my sedan making good progress and soon I will be ready to install engine it is coming along, I think it was a bigger job than I realized it would be But I just keep plugging away as soon as it starts taking shape I will post pictures not much with now to look at but heck I am retired and have the time.

May 052020
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I order lots of stuff from Amazon it is just so convenient to have things delivered, I have never had an issue I often wonder how they do it so well, anyhow today after I got home from my walk I had a package on porch I have several items ordered so thought bonus I got one today I wiped it down brought it inside and cracked her open it was a set of really nice LED lights for a trailer I sure didn’t order it so looked at address and sure enough it was not addressed to me but an address a couple miles away, didn’t know what to do so taped it back up and googled what to do, the site said if you know the address and it’s on your street just take it to the address put it in mailbox or on the porch, it said if you don’t know where it was suppose to be delivered then it is yours, never heard of such a thing couldn’t believe it said if it was delivered to you then technically it is yours, dang couldn’t do that so punched in address in my phone gps took me to the address and I delivered it and apologized for opening it guy said ok thanks and I left glad i did it couldn’t just keep something that wasn’t mine.

it’s cold today 45 degrees when I went to the trail I just bundled up and was warm enough except for my nose can’t wait for spring to get here. I just don’t know what to think of this meat shortage the media keeps talking about maybe need to go meatless I know lots of people do but then there will be shortage of veggies when’s it going to end. I don’t know strange world we live in now just trying to stay safe they are talking about opening up some of the state can’t wait to go to a sit down restaurant once it is safe. Oh lost 35 pounds so far it is slow going but it is coming down.

From my walk this morning
Apr 212020
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I woke up forgetting what day it was thought it was Wednesday, rainy day so didn’t make it to trail today instead went to Sams club to stock up on supplies was fairly painless everybody was wearing masks that is so strange not being able to see people’s faces I am a social person I like to smile and speak to people but I don’t know how to send rube it was just strange. So I just got what I needed worked my list they were well stocked with everything including toilet paper 🧻 didn’t need any but still check and see if they have it bought black berrys after having some wish I would have bought 2 containers they were really good but my bill came to $149.11 as it was so I will just make them last.

oh yesterday I got new tires for my truck that was my excitement for the day yesterday I really needed them badly so that problem is out of the way for a while.

new tires pretty cool

It actually snowed a little bit today just flurries but still didn’t like seeing that white stuff and really for some warm weather I so badly need to take my bike out for a ride oh well it will,be here soon enough I suppose can’t wait to get back to normal is that ever happens

Apr 092020
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Another day I had no reason to leave the house today yesterday we had storms and when I got up electric was out to I took advantage and went to grocery store for senior hour they open an hour early for older peeps so I figured why not, only about 10 people there so it was easy to get in and out also stopped at Burger King for my morning coffee by the time I got home electric was back on.

I had a large teee in my front yard that was rotted pretty bad last week I had tree guy come and cut it down it was leaning toward garage so did not want to take a chance cutting it myself so now it’s down and cut and stacked just need to split and stack on porch

It was pretty cold out today and rain and hail so I suppose it was a good day to stay inside missed walking trail I did 5 miles yesterday felt lazy today but was just too cold and windy today. Let’s hope for an end to this crap, won’t be no Easter get together there is a take out restaurant in town that are selling Easter dinners I am going to order a couple and take one over for Mom I try to stay as far away for her as possible but this was she will have a nice Easter dinner.

Apr 042020
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Today I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription then on way home I stopped at trail I keep my bike in bed of my truck so decided on a ride, trail is uphill for about 7 miles from Butler so I decided to start right there dang whole new set of muscles mused as opposed to walking this ride I made it 2.44 miles to gun club had to stop and rest my legs 3 times will take a while but I will get stronger ride back was downhill so that part was fun.

This sign cracked me up how do you be careful of bullets

So with ride done , met some really nice people today on trail, I just came home had dinner and proceeded to attempt another mask I have been experimenting I can’t sew and don’t have sewing machine so I use rubber bands and fabric glue so far I like this one best and I found some short sleeve tshirts I don’t wear anymore and cut the sleeve off pull it down over my head and the wide part fits perfect so I have a couple of them also, I was surprised nobody at Walgreens was wearing them I just went through drive through, will be so happy when this is gone and we can be released to the world again.

Mar 302020
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Ok beginning of another week I hit the trail today got my 4 miles in on the way home I pass a meat market I used to buy a lot of food there so I decided to stop it has been a while and I like a lot of their meat and they are still open for walk in customers I saw they had cases of chicken wings on sale $50.00 I got 9 dozen I baggies a dozen per bag and put in freezer in basement that comes out to about .50 per wing for full wing I think that is a good deal told both my daughters and they both want some so after they freeze I will deliver them each 2 dozen cause I sure as heck won’t eat 108 wings.

Back yard Turkeys

I took this picture yesterday out of my bathroom window I counted around 14 turkeys some of them were really big, made me laugh a little I was thinking animals are taking over since we are not allowed out of the house. Speaking of that I just saw on news we now have 4000 cases in our county as of today. I miss going to restaurants to sit down and have a good meal I suppose I just need to get used to it.

Mar 282020
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Wednesday was a beautiful day out so decided good day to take my new bike out, dang I can say this you certainly don’t just jump on bike first time and ride the whole trail I rode the uphill incline not too bad but it was slight grade had to stop twice to rest my legs and only made one mile as I still had to ride back to truck and at that point my legs felt like rubber, trip back was much better as I could coast some and rest my legs made it back to truck without stopping I have a lot of conditioning to do but I am determined as I really enjoy riding.

It was a fun day though then Thursday I did my walking trail got my 4 miles I just want to keep up the exercise as I build up my leg muscles for the bike.

the governor here in PA added several more county’s to the stay at home order I guess it is a good thing I am still good on food although I needed water I have a cooler that takes 5 gallon jugs and when the panic buying started Lowe’s was totally out for a while I went today and they were all stocked up so I bought 2 jugs I drink a lot of water.

Love our trail

Thanks Steve for fixing photos I enjoy adding them

Mar 252020
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What a world we are now being forced to life thanks to the virus this is unbelievable but it is what it is I guess I had a tree trimming service here today I had a large crab apple tree leaning dangerously toward my garage so he came his crew is laid off so I told him I would help so he tied a rope up near top and as he cut it I pulled and it fell perfectly so now I need to cut it up and split it for winter.

I went out to a local grab and go business in Saxonburg and I got a Cobb salad with ranch and a small tuna salad , and got a beef cheddar bread for mom and a chocolate, cheery muffin she loved it. After that I hit the trail Did 4.5 miles lots of people out today that is unusual for a weekday but I guess people being off work need something to do and saw lots of dogs I got to pet most of them but this last one didn’t want anything to do with it he just growled they all have their own personality the first one was a beautiful husky with big blue eyes he was so friendly he loved the attention. Still can’t post pictures too bad cause I got a few good ones today

Mar 182020
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Well first if got my gas gauge fixed in my car took pulling tank out 4 times but I got it such a dumb problem these days I am just not as sharp as I used to me everything I read about it says put external ground I did drilled a small hole in trunk pan and ran a wire to it what I didn’t do was grind away the pain for a better connection that is all it took, oh well I am an expert on removing gas tank on 57 chevys.

this morning I realized I was out of ritz crackers sigh that means a trip to the store scary these day, so I went to Dollar General right up the road for me the store looked pretty well stocked I didn’t walk through to see what all was there I just needed crackers so they had them much to my delight so went to counter to pay the cranky girl there I tried to be polite I said things look pretty calm here she said yes till the weekend then everybody will be here buying everything again, she said I thought people weren’t suppose to go out then rudely walked away, I let it go I just wanted crackers.

decided to get out on trail today starting to warm up a bit sun was shining and it felt good saw some people out walking there dog, and out with kids it was refreshing seeing people being out and about just wanted to get my exercise got my 4 miles in. I am almost out of ketchup I might have to go out and get yelled at again tomorrow.

Mar 172020
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Wednesday I had my car alignment done as I when I did the front disk conversion it kicked out the toe I had it close but it would have worn the tires so better to get it on the machine so not that is done, then I decided I needed to fix gas gauge it was one that came with my sedan and never worked and since I did put the tank in should not be a problem well it tortured me for 2 days got a new sending unit and it won’t work inside the tank outside I hook up wires and it works fine but put it in and fill with fuel no good I am lost.

I went out and got all supplies I needed for the long haul I usually always keep a decent supply of tp so I didn’t have to hoard any that is the funniest thing about all this crap going on.

we had such a mild winter but still really glad to see the sun coming up and days getting warmer, soon will be able to get the bike out on the trail.