Ok beginning of another week I hit the trail today got my 4 miles in on the way home I pass a meat market I used to buy a lot of food there so I decided to stop it has been a while and I like a lot of their meat and they are still open for walk in customers I saw they had cases of chicken wings on sale $50.00 I got 9 dozen I baggies a dozen per bag and put in freezer in basement that comes out to about .50 per wing for full wing I think that is a good deal told both my daughters and they both want some so after they freeze I will deliver them each 2 dozen cause I sure as heck won’t eat 108 wings.

Back yard Turkeys

I took this picture yesterday out of my bathroom window I counted around 14 turkeys some of them were really big, made me laugh a little I was thinking animals are taking over since we are not allowed out of the house. Speaking of that I just saw on news we now have 4000 cases in our county as of today. I miss going to restaurants to sit down and have a good meal I suppose I just need to get used to it.

New bike and pictures

Wednesday was a beautiful day out so decided good day to take my new bike out, dang I can say this you certainly don’t just jump on bike first time and ride the whole trail I rode the uphill incline not too bad but it was slight grade had to stop twice to rest my legs and only made one mile as I still had to ride back to truck and at that point my legs felt like rubber, trip back was much better as I could coast some and rest my legs made it back to truck without stopping I have a lot of conditioning to do but I am determined as I really enjoy riding.

It was a fun day though then Thursday I did my walking trail got my 4 miles I just want to keep up the exercise as I build up my leg muscles for the bike.

the governor here in PA added several more county’s to the stay at home order I guess it is a good thing I am still good on food although I needed water I have a cooler that takes 5 gallon jugs and when the panic buying started Lowe’s was totally out for a while I went today and they were all stocked up so I bought 2 jugs I drink a lot of water.

Love our trail

Thanks Steve for fixing photos I enjoy adding them


What a world we are now being forced to life thanks to the virus this is unbelievable but it is what it is I guess I had a tree trimming service here today I had a large crab apple tree leaning dangerously toward my garage so he came his crew is laid off so I told him I would help so he tied a rope up near top and as he cut it I pulled and it fell perfectly so now I need to cut it up and split it for winter.

I went out to a local grab and go business in Saxonburg and I got a Cobb salad with ranch and a small tuna salad , and got a beef cheddar bread for mom and a chocolate, cheery muffin she loved it. After that I hit the trail Did 4.5 miles lots of people out today that is unusual for a weekday but I guess people being off work need something to do and saw lots of dogs I got to pet most of them but this last one didn’t want anything to do with it he just growled they all have their own personality the first one was a beautiful husky with big blue eyes he was so friendly he loved the attention. Still can’t post pictures too bad cause I got a few good ones today

Ritz crackers

Well first if got my gas gauge fixed in my car took pulling tank out 4 times but I got it such a dumb problem these days I am just not as sharp as I used to me everything I read about it says put external ground I did drilled a small hole in trunk pan and ran a wire to it what I didn’t do was grind away the pain for a better connection that is all it took, oh well I am an expert on removing gas tank on 57 chevys.

this morning I realized I was out of ritz crackers sigh that means a trip to the store scary these day, so I went to Dollar General right up the road for me the store looked pretty well stocked I didn’t walk through to see what all was there I just needed crackers so they had them much to my delight so went to counter to pay the cranky girl there I tried to be polite I said things look pretty calm here she said yes till the weekend then everybody will be here buying everything again, she said I thought people weren’t suppose to go out then rudely walked away, I let it go I just wanted crackers.

decided to get out on trail today starting to warm up a bit sun was shining and it felt good saw some people out walking there dog, and out with kids it was refreshing seeing people being out and about just wanted to get my exercise got my 4 miles in. I am almost out of ketchup I might have to go out and get yelled at again tomorrow.

Alignment and gas gauge

Wednesday I had my car alignment done as I when I did the front disk conversion it kicked out the toe I had it close but it would have worn the tires so better to get it on the machine so not that is done, then I decided I needed to fix gas gauge it was one that came with my sedan and never worked and since I did put the tank in should not be a problem well it tortured me for 2 days got a new sending unit and it won’t work inside the tank outside I hook up wires and it works fine but put it in and fill with fuel no good I am lost.

I went out and got all supplies I needed for the long haul I usually always keep a decent supply of tp so I didn’t have to hoard any that is the funniest thing about all this crap going on.

we had such a mild winter but still really glad to see the sun coming up and days getting warmer, soon will be able to get the bike out on the trail.

In like a lion

Well it is still February but seem March is going to come in like a lion that is fine with me sooner the better for spring to get here

From my kitchen window yesterday

And all of a sudden I can again upload pictures I guess the problem too care of itself

These are just a couple pictures from the ice carving event in Butler was a bright sunny day but cold.
Today I am just going to try to finish up the work in front end of car, installing my new idler arm I got for Christmas then get it up for a front end alignment then will,be ready to go I am putting off body work and paint for another year.

Oh god the stock market I am down around $ 5000.00 so far of course it was my profit that I had made the last 6 months I suppose nothing to do bu ride it out I have time as seen in the past it will recover but damn what a loss I just try not to think about it, I don’t need my 401K for living on just nice to have it there for back up, even if I lost it all, which won’t happen, I will still be ok will just need to cut back on traveling so much.

Still winter

Our weather has been strange to say the least not anything like winter used to be but I will take it. Last Saturday in Butler they has ice carving show, it was great just about freezing temps and really sunny that kept the ice from melting I have a ton of pictures but for some reason I can’t upload them I try but I just keep getting a message saying the uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/blogs.dir/41/files/2020/02. I don’t know I will keep messing with it I guess

At least with the decent weather I have been able to get my walking time in usually I walk 4 miles on trail it is still kind of muddy to have not been out on my new bike yet waiting for dryer trail, right now my weight loss has stalled hopefully it is just temporary they say you can work through a plateau like this I will keep working on it though I am down total 24 pounds not a lot but am getting there

That’s all for now I love retirement

New Bike

when I was younger like living at home I never had a nice bike I just had an old hand me down from my aunt so was stuck with piece of junk girls bike which always was broken and I never had money to fix it nor did my parents, I could never ride the neighborhood with everybody else my older brother always had a nice bike never understood that but whatever I remember my neighbor got a brand new really nice bike for Christmas I was so jealous I asked for a new bike and was told I was rude and selfish so just did without, I have been walking the trails lately for health and weight loss and always see people riding nice bikes and again I am jealous sooo

I went and go myself a new bike, have to pick it up tomorrow as it needed serviced and prepped trail is still a little wet and muddy but soon I will be out there with my brand new bike can’t wait, I am hoping this will help even more with my weight loss.

Mild winter

I don’t remember winters being this mild might just be that weather changing hope it keeps up as I despise winter and snow and cold, LOL maybe I should have moved, I don’t know why maybe my roots are in Pennsylvania so I just stayed I will manage.

weight loss is keeping on track I am at 237.4 down 5 since last entry I am noticing a difference so it keeps me motivated I didn’t walk today was snowing and cold just didn’t want to go out in that crap and again real cold tomorrow but Saturday, Sunday and Monday look good for it. i brought in the last of my wood I will burn the next couple days I don’t know if I Will get anymore this winter maybe but for sure I will get more for next winter.

my daughter, Crista is on her way to Arizona for a long weekend with her boyfriend, nice way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, they are going to go for a hot Air ballon ride, I certainly hope all goes well with that.

Weight loss

good grief weight loss is sooo hard after I retired I realized how much overweight I really was after quitting smoking I really packed it on, last March when I went to Florida with friends I really realized after struggling with a lot of walking and seeing pictures I decided I needed to do something I started walking lost 10 pounds, then when Mom got sick I got away from it and was just eating crap hospital food, I gained 5 back I started at 260 went down to 250 then gained 5 back which had me at 255 the beginning of the rest, I am trying to be real serious walking when I can weather permitting, cut out sugar, and most all carbs and closely watching calories between 1000 and 1200 per day managed to get a 4 mile walk in this morning, now today I am 242.9 so such a slow process but it’s working I just have to stay on top of it everyday no slacking and will be journaling here about it once a month or so maybe will help keep me on goal 180 by June 2021 for my Alaska Cruise