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I order lots of stuff from Amazon it is just so convenient to have things delivered, I have never had an issue I often wonder how they do it so well, anyhow today after I got home from my walk I had a package on porch I have several items ordered so thought bonus I got one today I wiped it down brought it inside and cracked her open it was a set of really nice LED lights for a trailer I sure didn’t order it so looked at address and sure enough it was not addressed to me but an address a couple miles away, didn’t know what to do so taped it back up and googled what to do, the site said if you know the address and it’s on your street just take it to the address put it in mailbox or on the porch, it said if you don’t know where it was suppose to be delivered then it is yours, never heard of such a thing couldn’t believe it said if it was delivered to you then technically it is yours, dang couldn’t do that so punched in address in my phone gps took me to the address and I delivered it and apologized for opening it guy said ok thanks and I left glad i did it couldn’t just keep something that wasn’t mine.

it’s cold today 45 degrees when I went to the trail I just bundled up and was warm enough except for my nose can’t wait for spring to get here. I just don’t know what to think of this meat shortage the media keeps talking about maybe need to go meatless I know lots of people do but then there will be shortage of veggies when’s it going to end. I don’t know strange world we live in now just trying to stay safe they are talking about opening up some of the state can’t wait to go to a sit down restaurant once it is safe. Oh lost 35 pounds so far it is slow going but it is coming down.

From my walk this morning

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  1. Looks like a nice trail for a walk. I can’t believe the amazon site said to just keep the parcel. Wow. Nice of you to take it to the correct address.

  2. I do love the trail it is an old abandoned railroad line turned into trail it is 20 miles long but I can only do 5 miles it do switch up and walk on different areas for a change of scenery, I was surprised they said keep it I could never do that would not want someone doing that to me was glad I could find the mans house.

  3. Gosh… what a beautiful place to walk! It suddenly looked familiar and now I see it’s Wrencherman’s trail too! Ha! 🙂


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