New Bike

when I was younger like living at home I never had a nice bike I just had an old hand me down from my aunt so was stuck with piece of junk girls bike which always was broken and I never had money to fix it nor did my parents, I could never ride the neighborhood with everybody else my older brother always had a nice bike never understood that but whatever I remember my neighbor got a brand new really nice bike for Christmas I was so jealous I asked for a new bike and was told I was rude and selfish so just did without, I have been walking the trails lately for health and weight loss and always see people riding nice bikes and again I am jealous sooo

I went and go myself a new bike, have to pick it up tomorrow as it needed serviced and prepped trail is still a little wet and muddy but soon I will be out there with my brand new bike can’t wait, I am hoping this will help even more with my weight loss.

3 thoughts on “New Bike

  1. This is awesome! It’s nice to have more than one way to get some exercise! And you use different muscles for each. There are times I truly am amazed that we survive the disappointments of our childhood.

    • isnt that the truth at the time thought it was the end of the world but it was just a dumb bike that memory just sticks with me especially with all the bikes I see on the trail I am hoping like you said to exercise different parts of body still got my eye on Alaska trip I will make it as long as I stay away from cookies LOL

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