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good grief weight loss is sooo hard after I retired I realized how much overweight I really was after quitting smoking I really packed it on, last March when I went to Florida with friends I really realized after struggling with a lot of walking and seeing pictures I decided I needed to do something I started walking lost 10 pounds, then when Mom got sick I got away from it and was just eating crap hospital food, I gained 5 back I started at 260 went down to 250 then gained 5 back which had me at 255 the beginning of the rest, I am trying to be real serious walking when I can weather permitting, cut out sugar, and most all carbs and closely watching calories between 1000 and 1200 per day managed to get a 4 mile walk in this morning, now today I am 242.9 so such a slow process but it’s working I just have to stay on top of it everyday no slacking and will be journaling here about it once a month or so maybe will help keep me on track.my goal 180 by June 2021 for my Alaska Cruise

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  1. Wow. That’s a real happy event to hook your weightless to! Alaska! Have you ever been? I went one time to visit a friend who lived in Anchorage for about 5 years. It is unlike any other place I have ever seen! how exciting for you!!!

    • No never been to Alaska, my daughter has and she loved it so much she is organizing this trip I am looking forward to it , went to Hawaii a couple years ago with her and it was best vacation for me so far, am anxious for Alaska

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