Sep 022019
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Well is seems summer is coming to a close it is September summer seems to have flown by sine my Retirment that that is how it goes I guess.

Mom has been in hospital for now over 2 weeks they could not figure out why she was so weak thought she had a stroke it was bad I sat with her for days it was like I was watching her die she is 89 so I guess you never know when, then finally one blood test showed she had Lyme disease finally figured something out they started her on antibiotics then 2 days later she went to rehab, she is doing much better now so maybe will be going home in maybe a week at least that is what we are hoping she is making a lot of progress.

I got my small garage started cleaned out it was bad now I got a ton of cardboard to cut up and put in bags been neglecting that area for a long time so figure it was time and I can finally get to my old bike out there and still a shitload of old boxes to get rid of I will get it done


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