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I guess summer is almost over as usual summer went by too fast although yesterday felt like mid summer it was  95 degrees i know other places are hotter but working outside in theat crap was miserable at least i turned on the AC for bertha before I left so once i got home it was nice and cool I did venture outside but only for a minute was way too muggy but I am now watching the news and going to rain today but going to cool off next week..


I am thinking today to do laundry I am way behind usually I try to get it done every weekend but was lazy last weekend so far i have one load in the dryer and another in the washer I just finished up my dishes. I have a picnic to go to later on today I am thinking 4;00 it is with my ex girlfriend to her familys house we all get along well so it should be a good time. Am i going to kick it in with Jane again ??? I don't know it did not work out last time but that was 11 years ago I know you should not look back but we get along well and I do get lonely i don't know we are fine now but what happens later ????????????


Tomorrow the weather guy says a lot cooler so i might get back on wood splitting it is that time of year again i got a little bit done last Monday but just was too tired after work so I hope to get a big dent in it come tomorrow.


Work is going well not too busy no overtime so am glad for that 4 more years to go…


Enjoy Life


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