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Well i certainly am tired of winter and a little bit of that winter depression I think is setting in. It has been brutally cold we got 6 inches of snow Friday and a lot of wind and low wind chill and of course i had to work outside Friday and Saturday. When I left for work Saturday morning and it was -4 F here at my house I know there is nothing I can do about it but the cold days outside really takes it's tool on my poor old body but at least i am off today and tomorrow with a nice toasty fire going on.

This morning I took Mom out for Sunday brunch we usually do that every Sunday so that was nice she really likes that. Last night I did my plowing I went right after work but for some reason the battery was dead on the quad so I put the charger on it and after a couple hours I did get it started still had to pull start it but got all the plowing done last night and now today I am glad I went ahead and did it gave my today pretty much the day off. My wood is about 1/2 gone so I am right on schedule with that it sould last easily till spring which now that I think about it 5 more weeks till March that makes it sound OK so I guess I will survive I just want to kick the Harley to life and go for a ride.

Last weekend, this is going to sound strange, but I went to the movies with my ex girlfriend, Jane, Her Mom and her sister just out of the clear blue she text me and asked me if I wanted to go it was her birthday so I said sure then took her to Red Lobster for a nice dinner she did tell me her Mom would love to see us get back together I guess her present boyfriend is a jerk and they don't like him, but I need to be carefull we split up 10 years ago and it did not work then and I doubt it will work again I do get awfully lonely but i do know it is bad business to look back must be carefull of that..

Good football today Green Bay is looking really good but lots of football left here and after this game my beloved Steelers will send the Jets back to New York in tears LOL (I Hope)

Enjoy Life


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  1. I feel for you. The windchill here was -23 Friday morning and we had to go give a bid on enclosing a porch. I thought my nose was going to fall off 😉

    Taking a break from watching the Steelers game. Things are looking good for your team at this point!

  2. I know what you mean about the winter months. I thought that, even though I have not shared such news yet, depression has set in this winter but I am keeping myself very busy despite how I feel, except for last week when I was sick. In fact, I have never been up this early in a very long time – 630 am and pulling a full day without a nap.

    I love Harleys! My parents owned Harleys at one time and rode them but they do not have Harleys anymore.

    Loneliness is not fun and it does not make it easy for anyone. I am glad that you enjoyed your time with your ex-girlfriend on her birthday and made her day very special. As for getting back together with her, think about it carefully, and do what is right that is best for both of you. I am very good friends with an ex-boyfriend of mine and he is married to someone and we still care for one another, and I will never want to see anything happen to him or his wife who I have yet to meet but like. If your relationship did not work ten years ago, you are right that it might not work now, either. Being good friends with her would probably be best.


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